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Person giving advice

aktivResolve assists individuals and organisations to settle disputes quickly and with minimal outlay.

Settling disputes through the courts is usually a slow and expensive process. Dispute Resolution provides a variety of methods that can result in binding resolutions.

We are able to offer the following services:

  • Assist you in resolving disputes
  • Act as an advisor/supporter in resolution proceedings
  • Assist in the preparation of submissions in resolution proceedings
  • Facilitate dispute avoidance workshops

It is common for parties in dispute resolution proceedings to make procedural or strategic mistakes resulting in a less than favourable outcome. For example, a significant number of QBCC Adjudication applications fail for lack of jurisdiction, as the lodging party has not met the requirements under the BIFA legislation. Such mistakes can be costly and time consuming.

aktivResolve can assist you to maximise your success in resolution proceedings.